SEO applications promise a lot, but often the results leave much to be desired…trust us, we’ve tried them all. The good news is, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make sure your search engine optimisation is working at it’s optimal, just focus on a few core SEO apps, and keep producing awesome content. Boom!

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If you use WordPress, Yoast is the bomb. Not only does it easily sync with other apps like, but also takes care of your sitemaps, metadata and has a built in content editor. If you’ve purchased blogs from us, they’ve been put through Yoast first.

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SEMRush is an SEO app that audits your site, keeps track of your keywords and even gives recommendations for you to improve your rankings by doing as Google tell you to, you cheeky monkey. Once a month you’ll get audit results and improvements you should make.

Click Here for Hubspot

Full disclosure: Knight are Hubspot partners, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Hubspot is fricken awesome. All you keyword research, rankings, and a blogging system built into one place, and interaction – that’s a nice little tidy package if ever I saw one.

Click Here for Google Keyword Planner

The best things in life are Google! Or free…but preferably both. This SEO app is a research tool that comes with your Adwords account and you don’t even need to spend any money on advertising. It’s a great entry to the world of Google if you’ve never been there before, and be sure to get involved in their training and education programs which will have you boring people at dinner parties with SEO tips in no time.

SEO apps are tools, but nothing more. Make sure that you are producing the right type of content, that is engaging and delighting your audience first, and then making sure they can find your epic content. Start with love, then move to more practical things.