There are numerous tips on how to cure a hangover, but by the time the morning after dawns, the damage has already been done. Your brain is swollen, your biochemistry is thrown out and your body is trying to remove toxins that it sees as poisons.

But all is not lost, it is possible to enjoy a night out without waking up the next morning feeling and looking like some sort of mutated creature from the deep.

1. Vitamin B While You’re Drinking

Many people wake up the next morning and reach for the vitamin B tablets in the vain hope of finding some sort of relief from the symptoms of too much of the demon drink. However, the time for using vitamin B at it’s optimal was eight hours beforehand. The fight for hangover supremacy begins with the first drink, as your body attempts to process alcohol, but often not as quickly as you can ingest it. Vitamin B tablets gives your body and edge, and have the added bonus of tasting great with vodka.

Bonus point if you have a tablet with a full glass of water.

2. Everything You Think Is Wrong

Your body is poisoned, confused and disorientated. It’s saying that you need more sugar, grease and even to go to the bathroom more often than usual, but these are mere fallacies brought on by a change in your body’s biochemistry. “Breaking the seal” is nothing more than your brain failing to regulate your bowels. Bad craving for greasy pizza? You not hungry, and you’re certainly not hungry for salmonella on bread.

3. Shrink Your Brain

That headache? Your brain is literally swelling in a similar way to when it sustains physical trauma. Take another vitamin B tablet and an anti-inflammatory painkiller before you go to sleep to reduce swelling. If it could your brain would thank you for it. And it can, just thank yourself in the mirror the next morning.

4. Set An Alarm

not for the following morning, that’s crazy talk. ‘Sensible you’ needs to tell ‘drunk you’ when it’s time to slow down. Drunk you is a terrible judge of… everything. If you are going out at 8 PM set an alarm on your phone for midnight. This is your only chance to slow drunk you down and make her realise that shots are always a bad idea.

Humans have searched for a hangover cure since the dawn of alcohol, but there is no salvation the following morning. Forward planning, and carrying around small orange tablets in your pocket can be the difference between a day in bed or being able to walk around with your head held high.