It’s week one back from holidays and Mike the Manager is full of energy and caffeine and stupid management books consumed over the break and has huge ambitions – for you to work your tail off even more this year. Meanwhile, Jessica who sits opposite you has already started complaining about how hard life is and who the heck is this new guy mysteriously hired over the holiday season? He smells weird and doesn’t seem to have any real experience but keeps going into meeting rooms with Mike the Manager.

Here are 5 signs it’s time to change jobs

  1. You’re already looking forward to the weekend and are justifying that to yourself as a ‘settling in period’ or your already destroyed motivation as ‘normal after Christmas.’
  2. The new barista at the cafe downstairs already knows your name and gets your coffee ready before you even reach the front of the line. Bonus points if you know their name and have an inside joke going on already.
  3. You had a bottle of wine on Tuesday night. And Wednesday night. And there’s a nice red at home that you think of like a lover who awaits your return.
  4. You get that feeling of impending doom when you press that button in the elevator on your way to the office after chatting with the barista.
  5. You’re reading this to avoid doing work.