How To Write a Book

You were always going to do it, because you know there are very few things more powerful to say in business than, “I wrote a book on that.”

A book becomes your most powerful promotional tool, a brochure that puts you in an elite class of business person – the expert. It builds instant rapport with your prospects and moves your marketing initiatives to a whole to level.

Personal branding, through leveraging what you know is one of the most cost-effective methods of taking your business to new levels through increased reputation and a clear explanation of what you do, culminating in a clear pathway to purchase.

So, why haven’t you done it already?

The thing is, there’s a lot more to writing a book than putting time aside each day; there’s planning the structure, defining the voice and style of writing and creating a narrative through which the reader can navigate – difficult when it comes to business books.

Well, I’m writing another book, a special book, because it’s mine. It’s about what I believe and the things I hold to be true.

I’d like you to join me.

Every two days, I’ll be updating the book with another 1000 words as a minimum. It’ll be a brief read , but as well as any relevant insights, it will also give you an idea as to how a business narrative can be structured. Hopefully it will help spark your creative engine!

The title –  Create Content That Changes The World.

The first post is up now, and I’d love to get your feedback, and for you to begin your book today.

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