Clumsy, ineffective marketing is dead. Complex marketing analytics allows businesses to understand their audience, who is most likely to purchase and create a strategy targeted to their specific habits and movements.

Our data science protocols and programmatic marketing systems mean that you get in front of the ideal prospect, at the right time with the right offer.

No more wasted advertising dollars.
No more guessing.

Before we launch a campaign, we create a “diagnostic.” This is a snapshot of the targeted demographic, and what their online browsing habits are. Unlike marketing personas, diagnostics are based on complex data science, and existing information freely available on the Internet. This information is then benchmarked against our client’s existing traffic, and who is most likely to make a purchase based on the campaign we are creating.

In other words, we transform otherwise useless analytical data into a tangible marketing asset.

The offer then is based on the diagnostic, and targeted at a particular stage of the purchasing cycle, dependent on the client’s requirements

A Programmatic Marketing Process

We analyse your site, sales and existing processes and learn your audience is 74% working females, over 30, with children.

Using data science techniques, we learn where these people get their news from, their social media, and what their online browsing habits are.

Using this information, we create an offer that will engage them, and advertising designs that will make them act.

Launch, and analysis. We measure everything from scrolling habits to cart abandonment rates, and improve in real time.

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