Getting back behind the desk can be hard when a few short days ago your toes were buried in sand. That coffee doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as your cocktail with the little plastic elephant balancing on the edge of the glass. Aside from going out for a cheeky pina colada, here are five ways to get you moving at work again without feeling like you’ve just had a frontal lobotomy.

 1. Get out of the office. As you know I hate offices so this point may be a bit biased, but keeping that beach vibe going by working a few hours in the park could be the start of your own anti-office revolution. Remember a football to kick around when you need to vent some frustration.

2. Get something done now. Don’t even worry about reading the rest of this article and don’t tackle the hardest item on that overly optimistic to-do list you created in the last week of work. Just do something to get your mind moving, preferably something you find enjoyable. Train your brain that work isn’t awful.

3. Stop making lists. Speaking of to-do lists, it’s been proven by people with too much research funding that the greatest procrastination tool is the to-do list. There’s a reason that the dude with 16 lists on his desk hasn’t done any work today – he’s been too busy making better lists.

4. Don’t engage with negative people. You know who I’m talking about and they sapped all your energy last year and made you go home feeling exhausted. It’s your own fault, you listened and bought into their crap. Not this year, negativity is as contagious as a virus and just because  someone else is miserable they shouldn’t be able to inflict it on you.

5. Turn off the internet. I’m a terrible sucker for the Wikipedia Vortex. This is when you start looking at something about 3D animation and before you know it two hours have passed and you’re reading about the French Revolution. At the moment I’m working without the internet and using hotspots to publish my stuff, send and receive emails and search relevant news. Try it, I’m saving hours a day and am in the sun! But more on that later.

6. Change something. You know that thing you wanted to change before your holiday that you’ve been delaying doing because you don’t have the energy or the motivation? Well you’re refreshed, fired up and ready to go, so get it done!