Following the tragic and inhuman events in Brussels, politicians the world over did what they do best – manipulate human tragedy to score political points.

It seems that from a political standpoint there are now two sides to an argument that in actuality has many sides. The politicians are focusing on these solutions –

– Don’t let anyone else in, immigration is bad.

– Let everyone in except those that will kill us, immigration is good.

Most of us laugh when we hear extremists talking about ‘closing the borders’ and having ‘zero immigration,’ and we should, those concepts have no basis in reality simply due to the nature of globalisation, trade agreements and basis human decency. However, the other side of the coin is just as misguided.

Left wing pundits will have us believe that we must choose between allowing nobody in and allowing everybody in. That’s like saying that if you choose to eat sugar then you have to eat all the sugar in the world.

Additional screening is seen as racial profiling and against the fundamentals of a free and democratic society. To pull aside a Muslim man for a search due only to the colour of his skin makes many of us see a slippery slope into Gestapo style interrogation tactics…except that we’ve been doing it for years. Single young white men returning from countries with lax drug laws are often pulled out of the customs line for special attention, and why not? It makes perfect sense, that’s the demographic that will traditionally bring in drugs. Customs isn’t saying that all young white men are drug dealers, but of drug dealers most are young and white and travel to these countries.

If the alternative is closing our borders versus increasing our vigilance and on the basis that we always assume innocence until guilt is proven, then why not?

There is a happy middle ground and the ongoing argument of closing the borders or forced assimilation is ridiculous. If we stop everyone entering the country that doesn’t speak the language then you know who’ll miss out? Me. I don’t speak english and there are plenty of other countries I’d like to visit, I’d also like my daughter to be welcome in those countries, even if she has to walk through an extra metal detector to get past the border.

The war on terror is not a war. There are no sides except the people who are willing to kill and those who aren’t. To stand at our borders with open arms is foolish, but to cower behind the border is just as bad and based on the amount of people that enter legally before committing crime, it’s useless also.