I hate emails from people that are writing the way they think they’re supposed to, according to terrible unspoken rules and corporate mumbo jumbo. I’ve literally never had a dude walk up to me at a barbecue and have a conversation like this –
‘Hi Rhys.’
‘I trust you’re having an enjoyable barbecue.’
‘Sure…it’s fine. How are you?’
‘Very well, we’re seeing some solid growth in guests and are hoping for a good end to the dinner this evening. Oh, this isn’t the reason I walked over to you, but I’d love to have a chat about a new scientific measurement system that our users tell us adds significant value. Rhys? Come back!’

I got a message the other day pitching software, this is how the message went –

Hey Rhys
No time wasting. If you’d like to have a chat about an AI editorial calendar that’s in beta testing stage let me know. I’d be cool to let you try it out and get your thoughts.

Now that’s a crappy piece of authentic copy. I love it because there are no buzz words and this is how the author actually talks – she’s straight and to the point and what she said in the message was true, there was no sales pitch other than to get me to try it out. I’m now interested and will likely be a customer when the product is released.

Product – good
Communication – concise and real
Mission – accomplished

That piece you just wrote? Read it again and ask yourself, is this how I really talk? If it’s not, screw it up and speak the piece aloud and then write what you speak. Don’t worry if it breaks a few rules, say it like you say it.