Bedbugs drink your blood. While you’re sleeping in bed at night they bite you and suck on your blood like little vampires and according to the journal PLoS ONE, they’re getting tougher. Just as viruses are learning to combat our drugs, these little blood suckers are developing immunities to the pesticides used to kill them.

Also, and perhaps I should have mentioned this at the start, there are heaps more of them. Their population is booming and they’re getting physically bigger. According to the journal they’re developing thicker exoskeletons and growing in size and strength. If they continue to grow at this rate, in a few billion years they have potential to be half the size of a fingernail.

So their size is not an issue, but their developing immunity is. While this study was based on bedbugs there are other studies showing that houseflies and most worryingly mosquitoes – the most prevalent spreader of disease on earth – are developing defences at an alarming rate.

Even as we battle the insect based Zika virus spread in South America, researchers are working hard to develop new weapons against an enemy which has us outnumbered and, according to history, doesn’t know how to lose.