BlackBerry has been forced onto the defensive, announcing it has laid off a further 200 workers, citing it’s ‘turnaround plan.’ Media outlets had been reporting much larger layoffs. More telling than the numbers however, are the divisions that were reduced as a result of these layoffs, most notably, devices. BlackBerry has been struggling to stay on the same planet as it’s competition, claiming less than 0.5% of global market share in the last 12 months after a fall from grace that will be a warning to the tech world for years to come.

The new strategy for BlackBerry is hazy at best with talk of becoming a software supplier and specialist hardware provider both being put on the table and then moved around. With just under 7000 people still employed by BlackBerry it’s now a big clumsy elephant trying to create a competitive differentiator between itself and more agile businesses by doing the same thing they are, but doing it worse.

Without a solid offering in place, layoffs at the former heavyweight are likely to become commonplace.