Depending on what you Google, blogging tips range from making sure you have perfect grammar, defining your ideal voice, writing only articles over a thousand words, and using, “click bait,” headlines which increase percentage scores on statistics you don’t care about.
As with most things, there are some basic elements that are required in order to build a solid blogging strategy that will get results.

1.Quality, Quality, Quality

Whether you are talking about search engine optimisation, social media posts or the blog on your website, content and blogs that are useful, shareable and of a high quality will win in the end…as long as people can find it.

2.Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

It’s astounding how many excellent blogs aren’t read by anyone. It’s not news to anyone that there is more information screaming for our attention now than at any stage in human history, and yet people still publish and assume an audience will hurry to read their latest post.
– Create an option for people to receive blog updates, or subscribe to your newsletter.
– Put a promotional plan in place, which may include Google AdWords, display advertising and direct promotion to your existing clients.
– Promote the heck out of it on social media
– Tell people about it, for goodness sake. it’s easy to bring up in conversation – “I wrote a blog on that,” is still a great way to communicate your expertise. Remember to send it to them later.

3.Target, Target, Target

Your company blog is not the place to show the breadth of your experience – just the depth. If your blog is about everything and nothing, the audience is likely to become confused, and so are the search engines. If you are a financial advisor, embrace that and offer advice for people trying to get a mortgage or a bank loan.
If you are an accountant, write about…accounting things. It’s crazy how many blogs try to demonstrate our clever the writer is, talking about economic factors and future indicators, which is great if you are a stockbroker or an economist, but not if you own a two-man accounting firm, mostly servicing retail clients.

4.Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Don’t be the company that posts three blogs consistently for three weeks and then disappears. Make sure you have an editorial calendar in place, and a plan to make sure that someone will be writing something on at least a weekly basis, or else your audience will get frustrated, and even worse – bored.

So there is a starting point for your blogging strategy, post consistently about subjects that are relevant to your business, make sure your posts are of high quality and find a way to tell people about your blog. If you’re already doing these things are not getting the results you want, feel free to get in touch with us here.