Eugeroics are a family of drugs designed to treat narcolepsy and other sleep-related conditions through promoting wakefulness without interrupting sleep patterns or offering a false ‘high.’

Used extensively and available without prescription in the U.S. they are prescribed in Australia only after strict conditions are met, however they can be imported legally on the condition that only a limited amount is brought in – and that you promise you have a prescription.

Students, business people and computer programmers are some of the biggest users of Eugeroics and it’s most famous member – Modafinil. Manufactured under a variety of names, this is the drug that took Silicon Valley by storm and was attributed to the movie ‘Limitless,’ where a poor writer becomes a Wall Street machine thanks to a little pill. It is the acknowledged leader in it’s actual purpose – helping people with genuine medical issues – and just as well regarded in helping coders stay alert and focused for hours on end.

The reason for it’s popularity? It’s not addictive, is said to decrease body fat and there’s no ‘surge’ or change in your personality. In fact, many people who take it say they feel nothing and it’s only hours later that they notice they’re not tired and haven’t shown any of the normal signs of lethargy or the ‘afternoon slump.’ You cap that off with a restful sleep and it’s a recipe for productivity without any significant side effects. But awesomeness does not come cheap and a couple of weeks worth of Sunpharma’s Modalert will set you back around a hundred dollars. For some it’s a small price to pay for rumoured increased cognitive activity, but for many others it’s a slippery slope into more advanced ‘smart drugs.’

Either way, sales continue to rise and the appeal of reaching for a pill to solve a problem, or the ‘quick fix,’ is hardly new and in fast paced or high-pressure environments, it offers a unique solution to energy and motivation limitations.