Another one down! Lawrence Springborg is demoted from the Queensland LNP leadership position by a very pleased looking Tim Nicholls. But where does this leave Australian politics?

For the better part of a decade, we’ve had so many leadership challenges, spills and other nonsense that it’s difficult to see how any politician – state or federal – can have the time to actually get on with the business of government.

This of course is a stupid comment as now we have in power a terrible breed called ‘career politicians.’ These people have been brought up on tactics and political methodology. They’ve studied how the inner workings of government function – they understand them at an unfathomable level, mainly because all the rules, designed to be subversive and clever, are beyond the understanding of a ‘normal’ person. But career politicians are not normal.

Look to parliament now and find one so-called ‘representative of the people’ who would resign for their principles. What I mean by that is if their party were to do something that wasn’t representative of them, or in the best interests of their constituency, that member would resign in order to make a statement that standing up to that kind of action is more important than a job.

The Westminster system of government, which we use in Australia,  was originally created to attract those members of society who had contributed at a significant level, who had a good understanding within a particular area, and were prepared to make the sacrifice to serve their country and it’s people. Now it’s a career choice for those who look for power at the expense of all else.

So what can we do? The politicians aren’t to blame – it’s an outdated political system that our society has simply outgrown. It’s not wrong, it simply needs to be adapted to ensure that only those with proper credentials can enter parliament and people aren’t getting in simply on the basis of being in the right party, at the right time, in the right electorate.

A Minister of Education should have experience as a teacher.

A Minister of Immigration should be an emigrant.

The Prime Minister should be someone we can look at – even if we don’t love them – and see a highly capable person who can do us justice on the world stage.

And career politicians? Well they’re not qualified for anything.