Of all the problems facing society, there are few of more significance and impact than a shortage of housing. However, one organisation aims to solve this issue, not by targeting the ultra poor, but through empowering the middle-class.
Big World Homes – bigworldhomes.com – Aims to provide sustainable housing solutions for young entrepreneurs and executives, along with their families through changing their mindset and reminding them what’s really important; community, caring for other people and feeling safe in your own neighbourhood.
The solution is simple – using land close to Sydney’s city centre, a tiny home neighbourhood will spring up. With entry costs of approximately $65,000, and all the luxuries of modern living, this is more a coming together of minds than a new way of living. The neighbourhood itself will have an incredibly low environmental footprint, and the vision for the community will be of highly energetic young people and families coming together for the greater good – to live and learn off each other.
The idea is compelling – a home that doesn’t end within four walls, but stretches into the shared spaces of the neighbourhood. Dinners outside someone’s home, kids playing on the street and people actually talking to each other, knowing each other and getting more involved in each other’s lives that at a superficial level.
Big World Homes is the brainchild of acclaimed architect Alex Symes, who is supported by urban innovator, Dr Joanne Jakovich, and presents a far more relevant outcome, than simply clever design, or adjusted allocation of resources.
Through bringing together people of a similar mindset and engaging them in a shared vision, an attitude can be created before the community is even formed. In this way, the old ideal of a sharing, caring and collaborative neighbourhood can be realised and the issues experienced by modern living, such as less accountability for neighbours to watch out for each other and their children, can be solved.
To learn more, visit bigworldhomes.com.