SEO Optimized Content Gets You Found

Content and SEO often seems to be at odds. Should you prioritize creating something that will resonate with your audience or content that is optimized for Google? There are solid arguments both ways; there’s no point in something being found if it’s rubbish, and it’s just as pointless to write something profound that nobody ends up reading.

In order to create content that ranks on Google, we should look to our process.

Before writing a word, go through the following steps, in order:

1. Consider your target personas – who are you targeting and what problem are you addressing? For a free guide to buyer personas, click here

2. Write down the problem, and turn it into a headline, for example

– Building Floors That Don’t Squeak

– How To Ice a Cake Using Fondant

– How To Drink a Coke In One Go Without Choking

3. Don’t pile on keywords. Google hates keyword stacking, or including heaps of the same word for no reason, but it like content that is useful. To differentiate between the two, Google uses an algorithm to test sentence structure, sequences, and grammar, which means that useful copy that is written well, will be ranked more highly than badly written ‘click bait’ that is useful to nobody.

4. Use long-tail keywords, and include the most powerful in the title. Now, consider how your target persona would search for the problem on Google-

“How To Make My Floor Stable.”

“Icing Cakes With Fondant.”

“Trick To Drinking A Coke Quickly.”

A long-tail keyword is a phrase rather than a word, but Google treats these phrases like words. They’re important because it’s easier (and cheaper) to rank for “Business Coaching San Fransisco,” than it is to rank for “Coach.” Long-tail keywords rely on awareness of your target personas and an understanding of where you add the most value from an industry standpoint.

5. Include the long-tail keyword in your article, as well as the title – but don’t overdo it. Google picks up on long-tail keyword stacking also, nobody wants to read an article that repeats itself over and over again.

6. Distribution. Our next article will discuss the options for distribution, including paid and syndicated. In the meantime get it online and pay attention to your rankings.

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