…as a reader of your blog I just wanted to thank you for writing that one thing that I liked a few months ago. It was entertaining, insightful and made me rethink my place on earth, so I subscribed.

What happened? Everything since then has been much more…boring. Frankly, I haven’t managed to find the willpower to get through an entire article since the good one.

Remember the good one? It was great.

Anyway, I don’t want to unsubscribe so I was hoping I could encourage you to put as much effort into your future blogs as you did that day when you sat behind your computer and thought, “I’m going to create something awesome.”

I get it, it’s not always easy to come up with creative blog ideas or articles that challenge the status quo, but if you can’t come up with great topics, then why publish anything at all? I mean, all it’s going to do is annoy your audience and, more importantly, me.

Here’s a thought; how about spending a few minutes thinking about the things I might like to read? After all, I’m in your target market, so if you make me happy then it’s likely you’ll make more people in your audience happy too. And that might convert to engagements, which could end up being sales.

All you have to do is make me happy. Think of yourself as a writing prostitute, without the sex.

I honestly don’t mind if you only publish a blog every few months, as long as when I get that little alert telling me that you have produced some content, my click is not wasted. You see, times have changed and now if I click on something that I don’t like, it makes me feel somehow shortchanged. Like you don’t care about me.

You still love me right?

The other day I went to my favourite restaurant and usually when I go there I’m greeted with a friendly smile and my predinner drink is already waiting for me I get my table. But on this occasion, I didn’t recognise any of the wait staff – which is fine – but the staff that were on left me waiting in the reception area for five minutes. I mean, they are waiters, I’m not.

Then, not only was my predinner drink not waiting for me, but I had to wait another 10 minutes before someone finally wandered over – obviously flustered – and begrudgingly took my order.

It’s not that most of my experiences with this restaurant haven’t been amazing, but it only takes one really average experience to make me try somewhere else. Somewhere that cares more about me.

So don’t give me an excuse to go somewhere else; I don’t want to because I think you’re awesome. Just go back to doing whatever you did when you created that brilliant article. And thanks again.