Sometimes the thing you’re writing isn’t quite right. The idea is there, the concept is good but it doesn’t ‘sing’ the way it should, you read it back and it’s not quite….there. Concept is one thing, but if it’s not speaking the way you’re thinking then you can’t publish it and that’s infuriating as you try to take your good idea and force it into an articulate and persuasive document, article or update.

The thing is, forcing never achieved anything and even when you manage to beat the words into submission, they’ll scream to the reader that they’ve been forced. We’ve all read articles that just didn’t ring true, we could feel the struggle from the writer, just trying their best to put something on a page but the words can always tell and the reader listens to them.

Ideas take time but good writers try to claim them too early. It often takes an age for an idea to evolve in the creator’s mind and to become something of value to the universe. An idea released too early is an idea wasted and good ideas should be sheltered in notebooks until they’re ready to be re-read and nurtured and developed and then when they’re ready, unleashed. The alternative is to chuck out a bunch of half baked ideas that others may nurture and develop but more likely they’ll just disappear into the ether and the writer will be happy he’s done something rather than nothing, but he’s committed idea murder, at least until someone else comes up with the idea again.

Death for an idea is only temporary, as truly great ideas that are poorly communicated float around, looking for someone else to claim them, someone who will take the time to let them develop as they deserve. No idea is truly alive until it is complete and communicated well.