Your Core Content Marketing Idea Matters

Understanding your central content idea will go a long way towards engaging your audience more effectively – eventually doing so easily – and gaining clarity around your offering. With your central idea providing the target for each piece of content created – be that video, copy or imagery, you’ll be consistent, without being boring, and appeal directly to the emotional needs of those following you – the holy grail of content marketing.

‘Ideas First,’ is an ethos that dictates no words should be written until the idea and central theme are addressed, so the first step is obviously to define that idea, here are the four steps, complete these in order and watch the results pile up.

1. Define your target persona.

We’ve spent enough time on this, read past blogs for more info or email for a free guide.

2. Determine their core problem

What is your target persona really struggling with? What problem would they like solved quickly and elegantly? This forms the thrust of your product based solution – but importantly doesn’t speak to the problem that your business actually solves.

3. Define their emotional gap

This is the feeling your target persona wants from your business. It doesn’t matter if you see yourself as a provider of super cheap products at a transactional level – you are servicing an emotional need; your customer may want to feel like they found the best bargain ever. If you’re a business consultant perhaps want to feel that the future of the business is secure, and if you sell high fashion, they may wish to feel a part of a mysterious elite. Understanding this emotional construct is the most important part of the puzzle – and it means walking in your prospect’s shoes.

4. Bring it all together

Relate the emotional element to the product, and create content based on the crossover. In other words, if you’re selling high performance car parts, and the problem your prospect has is wanting their car to go faster while using less fuel, and the emotional aspiration is that they want to feel free through speed, then create something like –

How To Reach New Heights of Speed, Without Breaking the Bank

Through combining the two, you’ll build something special and easily relatable that you can farm out in a targeted fashion. Remember, if you have to prioritise one – make it the emotion. People will always buy with feeling over practicality – even when they don’t think they are.

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