Why writing a blog is not a marketing strategy

I get at least one request a week from someone asking for a ‘blog post.’
“Okay cool,” I say. “About what?”
“It doesn’t matter,” is the essence of the reply. “We just need a post.”
The reason I say no to this kind of work is twofold – one is a selfish reason, and the other is for the greater good.
Firstly and selfishly, selling copy is a really good way to get poor. You end up in the dangerous scenario of ‘charging per word,’ and ‘hourly rates.’ Don’t get me wrong – I’ve done it, and regretted it. There’s no value in words; the value lies in identifying and communicating an epic idea which will captivate your target audience.
That’s correct, the writer just said there’s no value in words. I appreciate the irony also.
The second reason I don’t want to write a blog post about nothing is that – by definition – it won’t do anything. Creating content without substance is common – most advertising, newsletters, and websites fall into this category, but I don’t want to do it. You see, I understand why people want the ‘words’ – they think that by simply putting something out there, they’ll get a result, but that’s like saying a canoe and an aircraft carrier are both boats – and therefore both capable of going to war.
Copy that’s compelling interrupts the pattern in your reader’s mind and forces them to think, and perhaps to respond.
Copy that’s a pile of really nicely written words, but without a core idea or message, doesn’t do anything. If it’s read, there’s no reason to change, and if that average copy is being read, you have a loyal audience, and you’re letting them down with a subpar offering. When you waste someone’s time with rubbish content, it’s like stealing a chunk of their life.
And so I don’t want to write you blog, and before you even think about putting words out there, consider what your idea is. Think about your philosophy. Then I’ll write your book.