A book can give you instant credibility...

Think about it, you are at a cocktail function and somebody asked a question about your area of expertise. You allow the conversation to continue for a while, and then (taking a sip from your vodka martini) exclaim, "actually, I wrote a book on that."

And it opens doors...

That level of credibility enables you to position yourself as an expert. You become the person who knows more than other people. Also, your book becomes your brochure; when someone asks for your business card you can send them a copy of your book. Prospects, clients and anyone else who would benefit from your knowledge, and who you would like to work with, can receive a copy of your book.

I know what you’re thinking; ” I don’t have enough information or knowledge to fill up a book.”

We have written books for real estate agents, professional athletes, financial advisors, chief executives and aspiring actors. Trust me, you have enough knowledge – and are interesting enough – to have a book written about you.

Also, you are very attractive.