In mediation practice, we aspire to the ‘beginners mind,’ that is to look at things as if for the first time and with the mind of a child. We are taught to look at our breath with curiosity and to experience our emotions like we haven’t felt them before.

When we communicate with our audience however, it’s often in a repetitive fashion. We all have a voice or style of writing (whether we like it or not) and when we just ‘pump out content’ be that updates on social media or articles for our company newsletter, we often fall victim to telling the same story but with different words.
The opposite of good content is not bad content, but boring, meaningless content. In order to create something new and fresh we should look at each time we write as the first time we have done it. Take the time to enjoy the process and relax. Even if you’re on a tight deadline, the quality of work, or even the speed at which it gets done will not improve by stressing out and getting frustrated when things don’t flow. Just as a human can tell when another human is stressed simply based on instinct, a reader can tell that you’re just writing something to fill in gaps in the marketing schedule.
If you’re not feeling it, stop writing, take five minutes and do something different to reset your brain and interrupt your unproductive pattern and then return to the black page as if you’ve never written before and write something that you believe in, something that’s true.
Let your inner child write for you, he’s better at it than you are.