The results are in and Facebook users are up – again, all 1.65 billion of us. That’s impressive and the revenues of $5.38 billion is equally as mind blowing, especially as it wasn’t that long ago that questions were being asked about Facebook’s ability to generate any meaningful revenue at all, with many news outlets saying prior to the listing that online advertising would never compete meaningfully in the real world.

Technology’s funny like that.

What was extremely interesting in Facebook’s announcements however, was not who was using the social network, but where. Exclusive mobile usage – those Facebookers who only use a mobile device to access it stood at 54.2%.

And mobile advertising accounted for 79% of all revenue in the first quarter of this year. So Facebook, like almost everything else in the world is now a mobile app that happens to be used on a few desktops too. That’s 989 million daily mobile users, which is up, get ready for this, by 24% from last year.

The world is going mobile and as many Australian companies still try to get their websites to fit on mobile screens, entire industries overseas are targeting our mobile phones. Why? Because, along with New Zealand, we buy more of them – when was the last time you saw someone with a ‘normal’ phone and not a smart phone? And we use them more – Australian rates of people using their phone as their exclusive internet tool are some of the highest in the world.

Marketers are onto this, but not in Australia. Here, the mobile advertising industry is still in it’s infancy and some of the top performing companies in this area (one of whom we spoke to last week, interview out soon) aren’t even dealing with Australian clients, instead focusing on offshore because, “They get it.”

The global digital economy is accelerating at a phenomenal rate and as we stumble along after it we have to begin asking ourselves the amount of money we’re giving away as a country through not having an ‘early adopter’ mentality.

If the Facebook results tell us anything, it’s that the world is going mobile and if we don’t adapt our businesses and our marketing we’re going to lose the battle in our own backyard.