Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important component in your SEO strategy. It is also often overlooked because it’s boring and hard work – much like website analysis.

Keyword research involves an analysis of your target customer, your competition and your market sector. The purpose is to gain a thorough understanding of the terms people use to search for the solution to the problem you solve. Of course there is an element of trial and error involved, but if the research is broad and scientific enough, and if it uses tools to determine which topics are useful and profitable, the journey to discovery can be made significantly shorter.

Keyword research is often based on intuition and guessing. Business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs consider themselves close to their target personas, and overestimate their ability to put themselves in their prospect’s shoes. The result is a list of generic keywords that, “sound right,” but don’t yield the expected results. Due to the delayed nature of SEO, the true implication of non-scientific keyword research isn’t known until much later. Rankings are achieved, and the return on investment doesn’t match forecasts. Generally, the agency is blamed and fired, with another one hired to continue the cycle of failure. Should an effective agency be introduced, they would suggest beginning again, redefining the personas, removing all guesswork and restarting the keyword research process to produce scientific inputs, and through that more predictable – and profitable – outcomes.

Keyword research is an arduous process, but when approached with vigor and science it becomes apparent just how important it is to the creation of a successful SEO campaign.

Importantly, depending on the existing budget for paid advertising, SEO is unique in that it can save money, while maintaining or increasing click through rates, and revenues. As part of our keyword research process, we analyse existing Google AdWords and programmatic campaigns, and identify the most profitable keywords currently being used. From there, those keywords are targeted alongside other similar phrases, and as a result marketing spend can decrease, while far more effective organic keywords are introduced as part of the overall marketing effort.

Keyword Research
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Keyword Research
Keyword research includes an analysis of the industry keywords that are the most profitable, competitive keywords and identifying quick wins
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