Blogging. It’s that thing you know you need to do, but never quite get around to it. Bursting with good intentions, you may have even started your company blog, but after a few posts, it’s now a testament to unfinished work.

But how do you hire someone to write about your business? How can an outsider convincingly talk about you, without insider knowledge?

The answer lies in the types of blogs you are producing, which should be based on what your audience will read, and enjoy.

The problem with expert blogs is that their readership is low, because experts share information, rather than convincing an audience to change. we believe that in order to create an article that will excite and engage your audience, it needs to be based on a single idea and to be entertaining.

For example, an accounting firm may have a blog written about a single idea –
“The best accountants didn’t start their career as accountants.” This won’t be the title of the blog, but it will be the idea around which the blog is written.The title may be,
“Why Most Accountants Struggle to Understand Small Businesses”
With a subtitle,
“Without commercial experience, who are you trusting?”
The article would then be broken down into four sections –

1. The introduction
2. The current scenario
3. The case for commercial experience
4. The close

This is neither an expert blog nor something that offers specific insights into your product or business. Rather, it presents a point of view, helping your audience get to know you better and doing so in an entertaining and compelling manner. The tone of voice says just as much about you as the content, and we are careful to supply as much test copy as is required to get the voice right.


What about revisions?
As many as you like, we are not happy until you are.

Can you do a free test blog?
No. Anyone in the creative industries that is prepared to do something for free, probably isn’t in demand.

Can I speak directly to the writer?
Of course! We do everything in house rather than hiring freelancers. It’s just easier that way.

I don’t know what to write about, can you help with that?
Absolutely. Frankly, it’s one of the most exciting parts of the job, coming up with a list of potential content ideas.

Will my blog be SEO optimised?