Our business is changing. I started this journey with the goal of being a self-sustaining copywriter, independent and doing what I love. However, simple plans are never as straightforward as they may appear, and as my wife’s social media business continues to go from strength to strength, we have decided to combine our efforts into one (awesome) agency. Our new brand will be announced shortly, and we’ve got a host of new tools and opportunities for our clients.

This decision came to a head as a result of continued and sustained growth across both of our businesses. Last week alone, we welcomed two new clients, a growth trajectory that has been relatively consistent. At this point, productivity becomes key – our clients expect nothing less than extraordinary results, and our primary value is, “the product is everything,” meaning that there is no excuse for average work.

So, we have had to look at our productivity, how we do things, when we do them and how we can do them better. Most importantly, we want to make sure we maintain control of our costs, and don’t become reliant on a single client, or group of clients – which, as we have all seen, is the genesis of poor work. So, here are a few of our favourite Productivity Hacks that don’t cost anything

1.Client Time

We deal with diverse clients from around the world, which sounds fun, until you get a phone call from a client at 10:30pm, or, “9:30am my time.” We overcome this by firstly, maintaining awareness of the various time zones using one of the numerous apps designed for this purpose, and secondly allocating focused time for client work.  It’s not rocket science that focused efforts are better than distracted attempts, but when dealing with multiple projects, these strict times are critical in maintaining high-quality work. Of course, as with anyone there are urgent requirements  and being too rigid is often an exercise in futility, therefore we have minimum client times, which we always try to exceed.

2. Headsets

Working with a family member is like being in a small office where your co-worker may still be annoyed at you over that thing you did last night. We don’t have many rules, simply because I’d probably break them and policing them would require a stun gun or a baton. One rule we never break however, is ‘If you’re wearing a headset you’re not to be interrupted.’ This comes back to focused client time, and it’s a practice we stole from Silicon Valley,  where programmers use headsets as a signal for, “The office door is closed.”

3. Breaks

We love what we’re doing in an almost obsessive way.When we’re not working, the conversation is usually about the latest innovations in social media or marketing, new publications we should be aware of, or which countries in the world have the best Wi-Fi – which we still count as a work conversation. But, through trial and error we have learnt to see the signs of tiredness, and  police each other on taking breaks. when you enjoy completing a task, the last person who should be choosing your break times is you. It’s like asking a child to choose a time to take a break from a video game. Tiredness leads to exhaustion and exhaustion leads to burnout, and even at exhaustion stage the work is going to be average at best and that’s a great motivator for taking breaks.

Stick with us as we create a completely mobile agency using cutting edge tools and innovations created by super smart people. We’re taking this show on the road next year and will be visiting some awesome marketers and business owners around the world.