Working hard on a project you’re passionate about often means getting home exhausted, spending a few precious moments with your family and then taking yourself to bed – and then staring at the ceiling. That 2am realisation of how tired you’re going to be tomorrow is often followed by the temptation to simply get up and try to function on no sleep rather than 3 hours worth.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Here are our top 4 hacks for getting a good nights sleep –

1. Go to bed before 11pm, or else your body will fight sleep.

Your body has the best of intentions. If you’re up too late, it will think you need to be awake for some special purpose – why would you not be going to bed otherwise? This dates back to our ancient forefathers who had to stay alert to guard the camp, or else they’d…you know….die. The body releases excess cortisol to keep you awake. The cortisol surge is why you sometimes wake up at 3am and feeling alert and is also often also attributed to excessive carbohydrate intake.

2. Turn Off Your Phone

I know you’ve heard this before, turn off your phone 2 hours before bed, but you’re not going to do that. So when you go to bed at least put the phone out of reach. I’m not gong through the science on this again, there are numerous sites dedicated to this, but there is solid proof that having your phone nearby will inhibit your body’s ability to get a good night’s sleep.

3. Write Stuff Down

Don’t dwell on thoughts, write them down in a notepad you keep next to the bed. If you remember something you need to do tomorrow, then your mind will spend around 40 minutes trying to make sure you don’t forget. Turn on the light, write it down and get to sleep happy in the knowledge that it’s taken care off. The remembering, not the thing you need to do.

4. Set an alarm – for bed.

We know our children need a bedtime routine, but for some reason we reach a point in our adult lives where we think that we’re smarter than common sense. Your bedtime routine should begin 2 hours before you actually put your head on the pillow. Make sure it’s enjoyable – a long bath? Reading a book? Writing in a journal? Light yoga? Find something you can look forward to and set an alarm to begin your routine.