Creating content is important, having the right thing to say via a newsletter, video blog or email strategy is vital to maintaining a dialogue with your audience. But creation without effective planning and implementation is like tuning up your car but not filling it with fuel.

It doesn’t work.

If you’re pumping out content and getting no results, it’s likely that either your content isn’t good enough or you’re not planning effectively. We’ll touch on what constitutes good content in a future article but in the meantime let’s talk about planning, most importantly the marketing calendar, or content planner.

It’s one of those simple things that when you see it you wonder why you haven’t been using it from the beginning. I like things like that because they’re easy to start using now. You see, it’s a literal calendar and how it works is, you sit down in a room with anyone who’s responsible for either the creation or distribution of content and agree –

  1. What the content will be – topics, voice, etc
  2. When it will be completed, edited ready for distribution and by whom
  3. How it will be distributed, mediums, methodology, etc
  4. When it will be distributed

You write all of these in the calendar, thusly creating a work of marketing art. I guess you could do it online too but then you don’t get to use a Sharpie. I love those things.

Then you sit back and admire it, comfortable in the knowledge that your clients have a smooth path to purchase and will be involved in a meaningful conversation with your business through content on an ongoing basis. The management benefits are obvious.

‘Did you complete the blog post?’ you ask a writer who’s wandering past.

‘Yes,’ the writer replies.


‘Yesterday, like the calendar told me to.’

‘Good job.’


‘Not you, the calendar.’

Changes can be made as business and legislative changes and hot events require you to adapt, but the frequency is consistent and so the conversation is predictable. Most importantly it’s a way to ensure that your awesome content gets to the eyes of your audience at the right time and on a consistent basis.

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