Hubspot Works, If You Work It

As HubSpot partners, we are bound to be biased, and for us, the journey from process development, through workflow enhancement and automation has been both educational and lucrative. However, our initial engagement with HubSpot was based on a leap of faith; an assumption that the founders of inbound marketing could increase our leads, and deepen our engagement with our audience. Luckily, an educated guess paid off.
But HubSpot isn’t for everyone, and it certainly doesn’t have a 100% success rate. Here are the reasons that you shouldn’t purchase HubSpot, and why it doesn’t work for some businesses.

1. You Are Looking For Fast Results

Inbound marketing is about understanding your target market at a more meaningful level, creating content and offerings that will appeal to them, and leading them through an elegant process to purchase – from awareness, through evaluation and then an agreed outcome. HubSpot is a massive tool, and there isn’t a singular part of the system that you could isolate as being the reason for success or failure- you’ve got to take the time to nurture it, and train it to do your bidding. Then, like any good dragon it will help you take over the world.

2. You Don’t Want to Create Anything / Don’t Have the Resource To Create

A critical component of engaging people using inbound methodology, is distributing blogs, articles and social media posts that are targeted and effective, and these things need to be created. While hotspot is a brilliant marketing stack, it isn’t a content creation platform. Through using HubSpot, you are given the opportunity to put brilliant content in the right place, at the right time in a simple and highly effective fashion – but if you can’t create content, then you’re wasting your time.

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3. You Don’t Want to Work

HubSpot is a perspiration tool. Complex processes can be automated, including email workflows, moving customers through diverse sales funnels and creating fluid content calendars – but when you first get it, HubSpot is an empty beast which requires focus, the want to learn, and time. Hubspot accreditation, isn’t just a nice tag on, it’s mandatory for the effective use of the platform. Those who just want to flick a switch, are left sorely disappointed.

4. You Don’t Like Orange

Everything is orange. Seriously, if you have an issue with things being orange, you’re going to get a massive migraine.

5. You Don’t Like Measuring Things

It sounds great in theory, having all the numbers in front of you, and being able to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie. But it’s also incredibly confronting, and when we first looked at our metrics and realised we were failing in some critical areas, our initial response was not to take the mature, “Oh good, we have discovered an opportunity,” road, but instead to get annoyed. This sounds unreasonable, but when there are so many things you can measure, there are bound to be areas to improve – and sometimes, the sheer scale of numbers is overwhelming.

The bottom line is, Hubspot works, if you are willing to work it, but in my humble opinion, inbound marketing isn’t something you can do half-heartedly. If you are looking for an addition to existing products that exist at different ends of the spectrum, don’t do it. If however, you are looking for a solution that is a lot of work, brings an incredible amount of knowledge, and is sustainable in the long-term, head to and have a play.