HubSpot Combines Social Media, Blogging, SEO, Email Marketing, Workflows, Analytics and More....

Knight Fills Your Hubspot Portal with Original, Optimised Content; Designed For Your Target Audience.

Pricing So Simple, Even We Get It

HubSpot is awesome. Using the tool is how we grew from zero – that’s not a single client – to profitable within two short months. But we were lucky, with a copywriter and social media manager on the startup team we could pump out more blogs, social media posts, emails and newsletters than you could point a stick at.

That’s a lot of newsletters.

We managed to scale because we knew what type of content we needed, and HubSpot knew where to put it. Keyword research, buyer personas and analytics were taken care of and all we needed to do was work the system.

Results came quickly, and most importantly we knew WHY we were winning and how to duplicate it.

It’s that system we now offer as out cornerstone product; a set and forget marketing system that includes your own Hubspot portal, blogs, social media, newsletters and more. It’s your marketing problems solved.

We don’t do ‘pieces’ of this system, it’s a complete package for businesses that are ready to grow, and eager to free themselves up to work on their business to sustain growth. We become your marketing solution in all inbound areas.

The package includes –

  • Your Hubspot portal
  • 12 Month Knight Membership
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Keyword Research
  • Persona Development
  • Monthly Analytics Reports
  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Email Workflows and Content
  • Regular Newsletters
  • Landing Pages for Specific Offers
  • Access to Hubspot CRM
  • Research, Including Trends and Clients
  • Access to daPulse, Our Project Management Tool

If you’re sitting on the fence, rest assured we don’t do sales pitches, or take on clients we can’t help.

Click the Video Below for an Intro to Hubspot, Inbound Marketing and Knight