As a HubSpot partner, we get access to the best marketing platform on the planet, and a pretty badge that we can stick on our website. We’ve done the training, completed the exams, and most importantly we’ve drunk the beer in the HubSpot office. But being a HubSpot partner is about more than just knowing how the system works.

partner badge

It’s about making the inbound marketing process better.

Being a HubSpot Partner is an enviable, and precarious position to be in. The platform allows the clients of partners to control workflows and complete inbound marketing campaigns that begin with social media, lead into landing pages and end up in smart forms that adjust their required fields in line with multiple factors.

It’s increased sales, covered in a lot of orange. Like, a lot. If you don’t like orange then you are going to hate using the platform and receiving emails from the company. It’s part of the reason that Knight Content Creation uses black and white as it’s primary company colors.

So what puts a HubSpot partner in such a precarious position? Simply put, the measurement within the platform is immediate and brutal. From keyword rankings to conversion rates and hits and clicks, everything appears on a nice little dashboard for everyone to see. Clients can see the immediate impact of a blog post, a social media campaign or an email newsletter.

It’s marketing the way it should be, with clients being able to see inputs, outputs and recommendations from an impartial platform which leverages top tier data. As a result, a HubSpot partner is putting their reputation on the line with every blog, social media post and email campaign. If there aren’t results, improvements can be made, and just as senior management has been asking for since marketing was invented, there is a real and genuine performance based system that defines success or failure.

The result is a dependence on high-quality content, at the right time. Awareness of trends and what constitutes ‘clickable,’ and ‘interesting’ for the target audience can mean the difference between growth and…lack thereof. The winner, in the end, is the client, and a marketing environment that must become a meritocracy, at least for anyone who wants to be a HubSpot partner.