How’s The Day?

Is the team looking a bit ‘Monday?’
Look over there, Jason looks like he’s about to drift into a coma and Stacey’s on her fifth coffee.

So what do we do? Accept that today’s going to be another Monday where stuff gets done with no genuine enthusiasm? Drag people into the boardroom for the traditional ‘I’m the boss and you’re the employee so please at least pretend you’re working today and make me feel better,’ routine?

Science, psychology and common sense tells us that the fastest way to change someone’s state of mind is to change their physiology. So how about standing up and telling the truth?
‘No one looks to happy to be here today, I know I’m not feeling it. How about we go work in the park for an hour? Bring a ball and we can kick it around and talk about our plans for the week.’

Change the way they’re thinking and get them moving. This hour is a good investment and will have a profound impact on their perspective…it may even carry on after today.
Perhaps do it every Monday? Have some strategies to boost the team out of the slump whenever one rears it’s lazy, bored head?

It’ll change their world and make your company an even more awesome place to work.