Tesla, Netflix and Amazon are the big losers as tech stocks in the U.S. plummet and investors flee to the safe havens of gold and govt bonds. Media channels predict armageddon, analysts are far more optimistic, seeing it as a logical correction, unavoidable in the current market.

It’s important to note that many of the businesses that are suffering at the moment do not make any money and certainly investors are reacting more nervously than they may have ten years ago, but it’s an undeniably wise move to move away from relatively high risk during times of economic uncertainty.

This brings up the question of another global recession, Although why it’s being brought up is strange as most economists remain upbeat about the markets and tech stocks in particular. In fact analysts seem quite calm, most refusing to take the bait offered to them by journalists.

The tech markets had to drop, certain companies were overvalued and until we see where the markets end up it’s far too early to be making any negative, or indeed positive predictions.