You already know the answer and only clicked on this to confirm it. Your manager is a remorseless maniac hell bent on achieving a selfish agenda through manipulation, lies and cunning. But just to be certain, let’s tick off some criteria.

She has no empathy. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t SHOW remorse and empathy, it means that she doesn’t feel it and when you tell her your cat died she says the right words through dead eyes that say, ‘My cat’s fine, now go make me some money.’

You think it’s your fault. After all, everyone seems to like her. Sociopaths create groups of loyal followers through excluding and gossiping about others. Those who are ‘in the club’ love her which makes you think you’re the problem and she will likely drop subtle hints that you are. Worst of all, it makes you want the sociopath to like you.

She demonstrates her power by belittling you. Your sociopath doesn’t want your opinion, she wants your subservience and acknowledgement of her genius. Meetings are for her to talk and for you to listen in awe. She is a dictator and may not do too much work, but loves talking about how busy she always is, you know, doing important manager things.

She’s passive agressive. So much so that you may feel like you’re losing you fricken mind. She’ll say things like, ‘I’m sorry you’re offended but I need to be honest.’ or ‘I don’t know what else I can do to help you.’

So what should you do? Here are a couple of options –

  1. They’re never going to change – quit and you life will improve
  2. They’re sociopaths, why are you still reading this? Write that resignation letter and get out!
  3. You’re better than this and deserve more. Get out. Now.
  4. Quit.