As the Republican and Democratic primaries come to a close in the U.S. we can continue to argue the case for immigration, tax evasion and social welfare but we cannot argue the maths.

Hilary Clinton would now have to set the flag on fire and dance on it naked to get beaten by Bernie Sanders and while Ted Cruz still has a mathematical chance of getting the required number of delegates before the Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio on June 18, it’s only the same chance that Trump has of being invited over to his Mexican neighbour’s house to celebrate the Festival de San José del Cabo. I totally Googled that. The Republican old guard has made noises about nominating someone else, but Trump’s publicity machine is likely to have put an end to that through creating fictional ‘men in black’ who are trying to stop him from saving the world and toppling the evil elite.

So it’s Clinton vs Trump in the most unlikely presidential election since John Adams beat a donkey called ‘Smelly Pete’ to become the second president. That may not have happened, but it’s just as unlikely. Clinton vs Rubio? Yeah, definitely. Clinton vs Cruz? Unlikely, but okay, but Clinton vs Trump? This is the same guy that certain journalists wouldn’t even mention for fear of shining a spotlight on someone who was inevitably doomed to be a sideshow in American politics.

This election should be looked at as a safe pair of proven hands, against a guy who will either take America into a new golden age of nationalisation, self-pride and growth or will create a collapse that will only be comparable in historic terms to the fall of Rome.

It’s not likely that Trump will win, but we’ve been saying that since this whole debacle started and he just keeps winning. He knows what to say to appeal to the average joe who’s disenfranchised with politics and politicians who never say what’s on their mind, instead spewing half-baked comments designed to mislead. Hopefully that will be Trump’s legacy, that those in the political class talk more freely, rather than position their comments so as not to offend people. But perhaps this will be more than a wake-up call and President Trump will be a reality. Remember, Ronald Reagan was an actor before he took the oval office and it’s not a big stretch from there to a reality show host.