Writing interesting content is hard, but what’s even harder is, once you’ve come across your great idea not to end up sounding condescending to your readers. The purpose of good content is to bring your community closer together, to encourage them to engage with you as they buy into your ideas and then to take them on as their own and hopefully expand on them.

Content is conversation, and I’m sure you’ll agree that in a conversation there’s a big difference between, ‘Hey I’ve got an idea,’ and, ‘You have to do this.’

When we come across a good idea, we want to sing from the rooftops about how great it is. We want others to benefit from it, but too often poor communication distracts the audience from the idea. It’s like a bad salesman selling a really awesome product – it’s not just about the brilliance of the idea but about the way it’s communicated. All too we appear that we’re trying to remind our community how smart we are.

‘Genius writing,’ is a tone that suggests the writer knows something you don’t. That they are smarter than the audience in a particular subject which is important when it comes to scientific papers and military theory but quite the opposite in subjective topics like marketing, art or business. Your opinion is important, but so is the opinion of the reader who should feel their thoughts are valid and welcomed.

So does your article sound like a question or a lecture? Is there room for argument and other thoughts? Other opinions don’t make you wrong or reduce your credibility, they just extend the conversation.