Kimberley Knight
She Runs This

A social media and pop culture tragic, Kimberley Knight spends her evenings watching Kardashian-level crappy shows after working full time and finally getting her four-year-old to sleep.

“I’m not creepy, but I spend heaps of time stalking people online…I guess that is a little bit creepy. Also, I sometimes do marketing and things.”

When she’s not doing whatever she does for a job, Kimberley enjoys talking to clients about how their logo doesn’t need to be any bigger, and how there’s more to marketing than pretty pictures and fancy words. This is often followed by a relaxing session of rubbing her ears with sandpaper.

Favourite Book
Mastering Your Mean Girl

Favourite Food
Chocolate Covered Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Filling

Hot Marketing Tip
Don’t just take a picture and post it, make it part of a story. Give your audience a journey, not just a cool image.

kimberley sitting down