Imagine you want to lose weight. You want to lose 20 pounds to complete your New Years Resolution. To do this you plan on using diet, to take in less calories, and exercise, to expend more calories. You plan on doing this all by intuition. No scale. No nutritional labels. No measurements. Many businesses approach search engine optimisation, or SEO, the same way. They throw out keywords and wonder why their traffic is not increasing.

 You must measure what you want to improve. This is something true through all aspects of life. Weight loss, Cooking, and SEO. But how do you do this for SEO? Analytics.

 Here are three ways you can use analytics to measure your SEO efforts: 

1. Landing Page

Landing pages are a good way to measure incoming search engine traffic. Because they are created with specific keywords in mind, landing pages draw in searches that relate to those specific keywords.

Download the Analytics Custom Report from Google

The metrics in this include the following: Bounce Rate, Average Time on Page, Average Session Duration, and more.

These metrics allow you to measure the quality of the organic traffic you receive from your keywords. 

Tip: This can method be improved further by split testing multiple landing pages. Using different keywords on each would test their effectiveness.

2. Google Search Console

 Google Search Console is a great tool that allows you to view the searches that drive traffic to your site. You can view this page through a Search Console account.

Once you are using the tool look for the keywords used in your page. If you don’t see your keywords your content may not be useful enough.

Tip: You can also use this tool to search for keywords that you may not have thought about. 

3. Keyword Report

This method is different from the others and is used before you launch content to find effective keywords. Using the Google Adwords Keyword Report you can analyse which of your keywords work and why. 

Other great software to look at –

Tip: Analyse which keywords bring in the most sign ups, sales, downloads, etc. This allows you to further target and choose your keywords for a specific action.

 You must measure what you want to improve. Analytics allow you to stop shooting in the dark and focus on what works. It will make you sure that your SEO actually works.