Think of your business as a person at a party. The rest of the world, including your customers are at the party too and everyone is having a good time, chatting dancing and laughing. But no one’s talking to your business for long and after a while they just start to avoid him. You see, all he can do is talk about work in a really monotone voice. He doesn’t seem to want to have a meaningful conversation and also, does he even have a personality?

Social media can be incredibly limiting. Consider the path to engagement with your audience, if all you’re doing is publishing content and information on your product and service – ‘expertise content’ if you like – then they will only be interested when they need your advise. Now I’m not suggesting putting your holiday pics on LinkedIn or your company website. Not showing knowledge of the relevant platforms just makes you and your business look like an idiot, but the advent of various platforms has meant that you can engage people at a far more significant level than just information. Twitter, Facebook and so on are often used as a ‘posting ground’ for content. We use the tools to lead people to our website where the hub of our information is, but this is a missed opportunity.

These places are where the personality of your business should shine through, where he can show he’s more than just a generator of knowledge and also has a pretty cool personality and people should want to hang out with him and maybe even sit down and have a decent chat. True engagement is more than just information, great social media should make people follow, connect, and check back in to see what else you’ve got to say. Your voice should be clear, interesting and engaging.