The days of mediocre search engine optimisation (SEO) is long gone, and instead, businesses need to focus on maximising the efficiency of their processes. It is well known that using an SEO growth process is a rewarding initiative if done correctly but with the number of websites online, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the pack. Yet when approached with the right mindset, SEO and the use of productive keywords can lead to fantastic results and even better growth. Here are some key aspects that are important parts of the process in the optimisation journey:

  1. Content

Websites all have a measure of content, be that an ‘about us’ page, a home page or just a list of products. But not all of them use their content to it’s full advantage; often it is used quickly, rashly and done without a formula or plan for success.  Instead of focusing on ineffectively wedging in all the keywords possible, being strategic with broad phrases and exact keywords – including longtail keywords – will prove more productive. By concentrating on producing original, useful and natural content your page will draw in readers and those interested in your work, leading to increases in page rankings and relevant metrics. This will drive more clicks to your site regardless of the seemingly decreased number of keywords included. There is a world of average content out there, create better to rank better.

  1. Links

The number of optimised keywords is not the only way to drive up the page rankings. The more links leading to a single page will optimise the site. Otherwise, as most SEO users do, many potential link-building opportunities are wasted, especially in relation to organic search. Metrics like domain and page authority will help you understand how your site is doing in terms of linking building and help you uncover what you can do better. The uses of inbound links and the, often neglected, understanding of referral traffic are both great ways to benefit your business growth in a sustainable way. There is always some way you can, both directly and indirectly, help your customers find what they need!

  1. Analysis

The other most effective measure for increasing SEO effectiveness lies in the numbers. Google provides metrics that have incredible value – when you make the effort to find the story behind the data. Everyone using SEO growth systems get similar reports, but not everyone knows how to interpret what they have gathered. This is especially important for search engine-related metrics that will help growth in the future. Picking and following the right metrics will enable the effective tracking of your work, as well as knowing how to improve it. This is essential for real growth in your business – considering evaluating (and revaluating) the process so it can be continually optimised.

It is crucial to understand SEO growth strategies are not one-time ‘set and forget’ processes, but an ongoing system of updating, optimising, building and, growing. Search engine optimisation, and especially keywords rankings, are easy to start but are often quickly neglected. Following these steps and sticking with it will bring the results others cannot get, leading to sustainable growth for your business.