Why You Need To Prioritise Content in 2017


I know, as a content marketer I’m a bit biased, in the same way that a car salesman will tell you that Toyota is by far the best brand, and the Apple dealer will tell you you’d be a fool to buy Samsung.

But sometimes, people with bias have a solid point. So, give me a moment, while I try to blatantly sell you on the importance of content.


  1. Google Loves Content

Try getting solid SEO results using stacked keywords or artificial backlinks. Google hates that stuff now, and with the advent of Penguin 4.0, it’s punishing those who would try to hack the system. Topics are the new gold, and creating a topic stack is how you rank higher, get more influential sites to like you, become more powerful, take over the world and eat all the cheese!


  1. Your Prospects Crave Content

It’s part of their buying process, people don’t trust anymore, they research. Think of it from your own point of view – when you begin evaluating suppliers, you jump on a search engine and look for reviews, articles and publications that have mentioned potential offerings – content. If you’re not in the mix then you’ll be excluded.


  1. Your Clients Loooove Hearing About You

Clients like knowing they’ve made the right decisions, and bless their cotton socks, sometimes they look for a bit a reassurance. They need a little reminder that you’re awesome in the same way that a pet bunny needs a cuddle and a few nuts to remind them that they’re loved. Clients are just like bunnies, so feed them with snippets of epic content.


  1. It’s Reusable

Looking for an offer to grow your database, or a value-add for your existing clients? Look to businesses like McKinsey, Canon, GE…they varied content offerings to gather email addresses to grow a database of value. Then, they engage with ongoing content offers like newsletters, eBooks, whitepapers and so on. It’s a great way to get people looking at you, and maintain engagement through the buying process. Best of all – content workflows are fully automatable.


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