Later this year and despite Apple’s legendary building of anticipation through secrecy, we’re likely to see a new iPhone. This is based on Apple’s other legendary trait of being super consistent – since the iPhone came out we’ve been treated to an iPhone and then an ’S’ model for alternating years and last year was the 6S.

In terms of what can be expected, it’s likely that Apple will choose to avoid the Samsung endorsement of virtual reality (Samsung gave away VR goggles with preorders of it’s new Galaxy 7 Edge) and focus more on internal innovations. The most likely is a greatly enhanced camera which is rumoured to be billed as a replacement for a separate camera, boasting impeccable and easily adjusted shots both in still and video. This will be a big selling point as live video becomes more mainstream and applications like Periscope increase in popularity.

Rumours of another change have been encouraged by a leaked photograph claiming to be of the 7 and a case said to be for the new phone. The iPhone is said to no longer have a standard headphone jack. This will mean one of two things, either Apple is going to make you buy new headphones whenever you lose or break your old ones or more likely they’re going to include a bluetooth headset that will be devastatingly good looking and even more expensive to replace.

Of real interest to many have been images depicting a ‘smart connector’ on the back of the phone. This is the same connector iPads use to connect to keyboards. While many commentators have been quick to dismiss the connector as destined for another use, with the size of phones increasing, it’s hardly a stretch to imagine a phone designed for a coder, writer or business person who wants to type more freely than a mobile screen allows. It also offers Apple the potential to release a keyboard specifically designed for phones, giving new meaning to mobile office and empowering people to use the iPad / iPhone combo as a laptop alternative.

One thing is certain –  Apple now has a genuine fight on it’s hands, the Samsung Galaxy is receiving incredible reviews and is well positioned to seize the mobile crown from the former king. Apple however is not likely to simply roll over and surrender and we can surely expect more than a new connector and old technology rehashed later this year.

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