Case Study - PUSH Agency

Client Goals

PUSH Agency has the largest database of talent in North America. Based in Arizona, the business works with tier one businesses across the United States and Canada creating events, promotions and experiential marketing that gets results.
The business was looking for a content overhaul and SEO optimisation.


The focus was put on the blog. Long form content and backlinks were increased and a more conversational tone introduced. Keyword research identified a series of terms that yielded the highest results - both for PUSH and their competition. These became the focal point of content efforts.


Content quality increased and as a logical extension so did the time people spent on the website, which then became a promotional tool for the business. SEO results were solid, including numerous #1 rankings on Google.

White Label Outsourced Copywriting for Marketing Agencies

Copywriters are a strange breed. Notoriously hard to catch, they emerge from their burrows only long enough to take on a few assignments before disappearing back underground, sometimes never to be seen again. Also they smell funny.

So what do you do? Hire a copywriter full-time? Sure – then you end up with their constant smell in the office, and all your eggs in one basket. When the copywriter leaves, they leave with all the eggs you are left holding the basket…this metaphor didn’t end as well as it started. Also, all full-time copywriters are incredibly unattractive and they spend half the day stealing office supplies.

Man, you got problems. Smelly, inconsistent, ugly thieves are ready to destroy your business and then probably take down the government and install a fascist regime.

Don’t worry; we’ll be your copywriter. Copywriters. Whatever. You see, at Knight SEO and Copywriting, we work with agencies to produce high-quality white label content for their clients.

How does it work?

We assist in creating an editorial calendar based on your client’s requirements. Perhaps they are targeting certain keywords, or just want enough blog posts to reach a critical mass. Regardless, we set dates and titles, determine the style required and either send the content through to you or upload it to HubSpot or WordPress on your behalf.

Do I Pay Monthly and is there a Minimum Commitment?

No, and no. You pay per piece of content produced, and there is no commitment whatsoever. If you don’t like the type of content we are producing, then stop using us. That won’t happen – you’ll love it.

Oh, we also offer unlimited reviews on all content, so you are guaranteed to get what you want.

Do you deal with my client?

That’s up to you. We can speak to your client as a member of your team, or everything can go through you – there’s no need for your client to even know we exist. It’s just like if you had a full-time copywriter, except without the smell, salary and missing office supplies.

Importantly, if we do deal with your client, there is no mention of our business or that we are a separate entity. As far as your client is concerned, your content team is getting in touch with them for a specific reason. Also, we are more than comfortable signing confidentiality agreements; after all, it’s our reputation on the line.

 I’m a HubSpot Partner Like You – How Does That Work?

Most of our work is through HubSpot Partners. Again, how much you want us to do is entirely up to you, but if you allow us access to your client’s HubSpot we will be able to directly upload all blogs and social posts and optimise their keyword and content tool. Awesomely, there is no additional charge for this when you are a HubSpot Partner.

How Much Does It Cost?

Well, it’s much cheaper than hiring a copywriter. Our pricing for agencies is available by request only. Click here to enter a request, and we will respond within 24 hours.

Hiring a Copywriter in Brisbane

Hiring a copywriter is far more complicated – and irritating – than you’d expect. Putting up an advertisement for “copywriter Brisbane” or “copywriter needed – must have good experience” leads to hundreds of applications, numerous claims of brilliance, time wasted and little else. Freelancing sites such as Upwork and are a great way to identify potential through carefully crafted profiles – then all you need to do is hire every single one of them until eventually you find a small group of copywriters who can manage a sustained workflow. But then the second major problem of hiring a freelancer arises – they, “go dark.”

Everything is going great, and you have the beginnings of an excellent content creation team. You’ve identified market sectors, target personas, viable keyword strategies and are producing a consistent amount of content on a regular basis. But then one copywriter stops replying to your messages, and your requests for work go unheeded. At first you don’t worry – after all, even writers are allowed to get sick or have personal problems arise, but then after a few weeks you realise that you may never hear from them again. If you’ve ever hired a copywriter, you know this is a common occurrence, due to the nature of the industry; copywriters either get hired by an organisation, or simply cannot afford to maintain their lifestyle as a freelance copywriter. The same is true of graphic designers, although as long as your brief is clear, potential graphic designers can be identified based on tools, experience and industry knowledge. Copywriters can claim to have excellent command of English, and to know all the relevant tools from Microsoft Word to Ulysses and advanced publication platforms. Then, after a few articles it becomes very apparent that their experience may have been overstated.

Copywriting is one of the most competitive industries in the creative sector, mainly because everyone thinks they can write. Complicating this further is the fact that many hiring managers don’t understand the intricacies of the job itself – SEO copywriting, content for websites and product copy as three examples are completely separate skill sets – just because your writer is an excellent search engine optimisation blogger, doesn’t mean that will translate to producing awesome social media posts. In fact, it almost definitely won’t, as the two skill sets are decidedly different and require a completely different attitude towards the reader.

So how do you hire a copywriter that can produce good work on a consistent basis, and not let you down unexpectedly? The answer to this is as simple as it is annoying – look for writers that are in demand, and those that don’t charge per word. Find someone who takes the craft of writing seriously, and charges accordingly. These people will not be the cheapest, in fact many of them will appear to be expensive – but when someone has an intimate understanding of their discipline, the payoffs are enormous.

Rhys Knight is a copywriter in Brisbane, Australia and an advocate for the industry.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is the cornerstone of everything we do. Google and all the other search engines determine their rankings based on the quality of content and also the authority provided by external domains through backlinks. At the core of this is SEO copywriting, the perfect stack of words and ideas to engage your audience, and increase your search engine rankings.

Copywriting for SEO, makes for higher quality content. Not only because the search engine algorithms are pedantic about good grammar and structure, but also because due to keyword maximisation, each piece is focused on a single idea. One keyword, one idea, a single focused piece of content that gets its point across, connects with other relevant content and gets results.

Our ethos is based on simplicity – each article, advertisement, landing page or webpage is based on a single idea that is compelling to the target persona.

working at computer

Our strategy begins and ends with this approach, and through this, we create copywriting that not only helps your audience find you through SEO and being shareable, it also gives people an insight into who you and your organisation are, and what you believe in. After all, the words that move us to act are those which speak to us as individuals, and directly tackle the major problems we are experiencing.

Whether you are a manager within a large corporate enterprise, or small business owner seeking more exposure, copywriting that is based on an idea, not a word count will be the difference between something that is acceptable, and content that helps to build on the relationship you have with existing clients, and to develop new ones.

Through consistently producing copy that can be repurposed across multiple platforms, you can achieve extraordinary results, and maximise your efforts. Copywriting acts as another team member, speaking to your prospects, engaging your pipeline and informing your clients of new and exciting developments in your industry and company alike.

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Rhys Knight

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I like telling stories. Articles, blogs, and websites are boring because the content is the same old thing you’ve heard before. My job is to find an angle that gets people’s attention in a positive way and guides them through a process of learning and purchasing.

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