It’s easy to say – let’s travel to Europe and keep creating articles, press releases and blog posts and my clients will be enraptured by the romanticism of my quest for freedom and gelato.

But as I chat with clients, I’m learning that in order to get this done properly, I’m going to have to offer more than a wink and fist bump. Thing is, there’s evidently a big difference between an ‘I can work from anywhere,’ business and a, ‘I work from everywhere,’ business.

The biggest question is based on overall effectiveness. Several versions of a very sensible query have been thrown my way –

“Will you still really want to work while you’re on holiday?”

Now explaining this from an ideological point if view – “I’m not on holiday, I’m trying to be demonstrative of the awesomeness of the Freelancer Economy” – just doesn’t cut the mustard, and fair enough, because it’s only a half-truth, here’s the rest of it –

“If I don’t work, I won’t eat.”

This isn’t a trip that’s been planned and saved for. I’m not packing up my wife and child to stay at the Ritz in Paris and write (another) awesome novel – I’m working to pay for the whole ‘living’ thing. As I told one client –

“If you need a press release or article urgently, my turnaround time will be far less because I need you…I need you in my life.” 

It’s lucky this was on Skype, because if it were over coffee, I may have reached over the table and touched him gently on the cheek. As it was, we smiled at each other, perhaps he knew that we had a relationship built on mutual respect and caring compassion, but more likely he knew that I would literally do anything to keep him happy. And literally isn’t a word I just throw around.

In all seriousness, I’m going to have some clients who don’t want to work with me when I’m overseas – and that’s understandable. On the other hand I’m going to pick up some new ones that buy into the concept of having a copywriter who’s travelling with the combined purpose of tapping into the creative freedom that travel brings to improve his work, and just to travel. But most importantly, the ‘right’ clients know that I’m a passionate writer, doing what I need to do and I’ll keep pouring more and more love and attention into it, and trying to improve, no matter where I am. Especially if it’s Florence.