Copywriting, at least when it’s done well, is about more than the number of words on the page. An effective blog will use copywriting to engage search engines, build a compelling case for purchase, and encourage sharing.

In this, writing moves from being about words to being based on research, analysis, measurement and good old-fashioned hard work. Because good copywriting needs to not only tick all the optimisation boxes but also be authentic and easy to read.

Our ethos is based on simplicity – each article, advertisement, landing page or webpage is based on a single idea that is compelling to the target persona.

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Our strategy begins and ends with this approach, and through this, we create copywriting that not only helps your audience find you through SEO and being shareable, it also gives people an insight into who you are, your organisation and what you believe in. After all, the words that move us to act are those that speak to us as individuals, and directly tackle the major problems we are experiencing.

Whether you are a manager with a large corporate, or small business owner seeking more exposure, copywriting that is based on an idea, not a word count will be the difference between something that is acceptable, and content that helps to build on the relationship you have with existing clients, and develop new ones.

If you would like to learn more about how we use copy as a marketing tool, not just, “box to be ticked,” then please email us at

We will be happy to send you through a list of our packages, costs and the process you can expect, so that you can make qualified decision with all the facts. In some cases we also do a copywriting trial, please email us to learn more.

The Ideas First Content Creation Model

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