Application developers are feeling the heat and it’s not from a slowing tech market or as a result of apps being less in demand. The challenge for custom app developers is that ready made apps are really good, cheaper, faster and oftentimes creating something from scratch is a risk not seen as worth taking.

Custom app development as an industry has been slow to respond to this monster of it’s own making and there seems to be a struggle in putting a clear differentiator between custom and plug’n’play. In fact, this cutting edge, fast moving industry is beginning to sounds quite old fashioned, with references to ‘tailor made’ and ‘specific to your business,’ being thrown around company websites and online pitches alike. It seems the innovators need to move some of their thought into creating a more robust marketing strategy, or more likely to identify new markets for custom builds.

Ready made apps are often of a high quality, well tested in the real world and, especially in the case of sales solution, simple to implement. If the goal of a business is to ‘have an app’ or to create a mobile sales option as quickly as possible – ready made seems a sensible choice.

App developers again need to look to the future, to gaming and augmented reality. The key will be in finding a niche in personalisation and to do things that simply cannot be done on a generic app. In this, the developer should think of his client’s clients – how can their experience be personalised through an app that feels like ti was created for them.

The past introduced us to apps, but we’re ready to be amazed again and it’s time for the studios to produce something that is authentic to our business and our plans for the future.