Rhys Knight

He Writes Stuff

Rhys Knight goes through a midlife crisis every few months. From skydiving and skateboarding to motorbikes and that weird haircut of his, Rhys is constantly finding new ways to irritate those around him.

“I’m pretty great. Check out my haircut – I’m young, right?”

Rhys also writes words for things like blogs and stuff. He likes to listen to why people think that having three articles on their website will get them ranked on Google, and why he should adjust the ‘voice,’ of a blog post. Then he cries himself to sleep.

Favourite Book
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

Favourite Food
Coffee. It’s a food group.

Hot Marketing Tip
Be different by being better, don’t try and cheat the system. Awesomeness is the best hack.

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