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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the science of getting to the top of the rankings on Google, Bing, Dogpile, and their friends. We use advanced analytics to define what needs to be done, then create a project management plan to get it done, fast, and then a lot of things happen at once. The result? Fast, effective and sustainable SEO rankings based on science, not guesswork.

Our process is broken into several key SEO areas that are prioritised based on data and research. We work with clients to make sure they are achieving the search engine rank that they want – after all, there’s not much point in being number one in ‘incredible music deals,’ if you sell furniture.

SEO is not only about content, although without content, no rankings are possible. We work to create optimised content, and then put structures, such as backlinks and on page optimisation processes in place. We build on the infrastructure you already have, and use best practice methodology to maintain your hard work, while following the rules laid down by the search engine algorithms.

Importantly, these algorithms have been through a substantial change over the last few years to ensure that SEO is no longer a, “hackable,” marketing initiative. Instead, the search engines have prioritised critical areas, such as topics – including clusters of relevant topics – the quality of content, and the authority of any other websites referring to the content. The result, is that when users try to find a topic on a search engine, they find the most relevant and useful content.

The process – first good content optimised for search engines, then the optimisation of the website and other content to ensure topic clusters.

The longer take? From our experience, the more content that is produced in closely defined topic structures the better. In other words, produce heaps of really useful and relevant content, optimise it and rank.

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