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Backlinks, or referrals from other sites are used by search engines to determine your domain authority, or DA. This measure is crucial in gaining what the industry terms, “Google Juice,” that magic mixture of effective content, authority and website best practice that achieves unusual results on search engines.

Backlinks (see the SEO Glossary for more details) are hyperlinks from websites. For example, if we were to recommend a site with a link attached, that would be a backlink from the other site’s perspective. Should our domain authority be high enough, that link will assist in increasing keyword rankings.

Quality is key. When sourcing backlinks, we work hard to strike up a relationship with reputable publications and blogs that are regularly updated, and have solid DA. As a guideline, anything below the industry standard of DA15 is pointless, and will not have any direct impact on rankings whatsoever. We have conducted numerous experiments on this, and have never found it to be disproven, even with a huge amount of lower ranking links being used. In other words, according to our tests, if you receive a link from a large group of DA8 sites, nothing will happen.

While we do not deal in low-quality links, there is substantial evidence – including a Twitter quote directly from a senior Google engineer – saying that low-quality links will no longer be punished as they were in earlier algorithmic updates. In our testing, this is been proven correct also, although it should be noted that Google could change this at any stage, and so our recommendation is to concentrate on backlinks above DA15.

The importance of this level of ranking is relatively obvious when you understand how it is determined. A site with no content or a large amount of outbound links will achieve a low ranking, as Google sees it as not being useful to users. The higher the DA, the more useful the site is perceived to be and although the ranking itself is ambiguous and not officially a Google ranking, it holds up under scrutiny.

Super high-quality links, such as reputable news sites and high-volume blogs will achieve exponential results, however managing the links in the long term can be troublesome. Secondly, controlling the narrative is trickier when it is placed in the hands of third party, which is inevitably the situation with these types of links. The only time we recommend backlinks from DA80+ sites is when we issue press releases based on something timely, or pressing.

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