Website SEO Analysis

Attractive websites aren’t necessarily SEO friendly. A number of factors will dictate how search engines see your website, and how they rank it. Google and other search engines use complex algorithms to crawl your site and determine what you are trying to say, and how that fits into user queries on the search engine. This is an incredibly complex process, and without a streamlined and effective site architecture, the best content in the world won’t assist in achieving the rankings you deserve.

Site architecture includes:

– The structure of your site, which should be as flat as possible in order to make it easy for search engines to identify content.

– Your content structure, including how various pieces of content interconnect.

– Complexities of code

– Site speed, a huge subject which encompasses size of images, plugins, interactivity, above the fold structures and more.

–  Direct interaction with search engines, including Google Webmaster tools, site maps, robots.txt and more.

Creating effective site architecture is relatively straightforward when introduced as a methodology before a build. however, once a site has been functional for a few years and code has been built on top of code, old technology has been used to mask other technology, and the entire site has been built for visual appeal only, a full audit is required.

The site audit includes an analysis of the code that makes up the site, the structure of the site (how people journey through the site, and how ‘deep’ it is) and an analysis of anything that could slow the site down, including graphics, plug-ins, processes and unnecessary structures.

SEO initiatives often fail because a website’s architecture isn’t taken into account. Trying to achieve rankings when website is too slow, or isn’t interacting effectively with the search engines is an impossible, or at least frustrating task. Many of our clients have come to us after spending thousands of dollars with agencies who missed a number of vital steps, none of them particularly glamorous but all of them necessary for achieving optimum results. Our job as SEO specialists is to scientifically analyse your site, and tell you the truth about what needs to be done – not just what you want to hear.

A full website analysis can be completed within 14 business days.


Website SEO Analysis
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Website SEO Analysis
SEO website analysis involves an intrusive and honest report on what's working, and what needs to be optimised.
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