Creating a social media strategy can be an overwhelmingly confusing task – mainly because of the amount of misinformation available online.
This article should serve as a basic informational . Remember to do your research; I’ll suggest some platforms and educational hubs along the way also.
1. Begin At The End
The most important part of a good social media campaign, is understanding your buyer’s journey. This means, how do they find your business, and what do they do when they get there?
The easiest way to do this is at the end, with the final action you wish them to take. Do you want them to purchase something? Would you like them to make an enquiry so that you can book in a meeting with them? Or do you simply need their email address?
From there, create a compelling offer, designed to encourage whatever action it is you want them to take – for example if you need their email address then offering an e-book, based on their needs is a powerful tactic. If you want them to purchase, then a discounted offer for buying now, or an add-on could be the way to go. If you are wanting their details, then present a compelling enough case for them to share them with you – and make sure it is timely so that they don’t feel like they can wait, or come back later.
2. What Gets Them There?
Moving back another step in the process, a powerful landing page, with your compelling offer attached and sold in an effective manner is one of the most effective tactics for consistent and centralised conversion. Unbounce, Instapage and other businesses offer free trials if you’d like to give it a shot – these platforms also integrate seamlessly with MailChimp and other services, enabling you to generate interest within your existing client base. Essentially, a landing page will present your offer in a simple, easy to understand and engaging manner, presented as an extension of your website.
3. Driving Traffic
You have a compelling offer, communicated well on a nicely-designed page – but how do you get people to look? This is where Google and Facebook advertising come into their own. Accessible for everyone, with extensive online training – check out YouTube – you can create effective segmentation and specific copy, designed to attract the right prospect, identified by your offer.
There are two components to effective online advertising – technique and patience. The most important thing we do in our business is easily accessible to you – we test and measure, and then test and measure again to find the right way to do everything for specific businesses. Check out Kissmetrics, Google Analytics or MixPanel. This means, allowing the market to dictate the most effective methodology and not letting assumption get in the way of good practice. In other words, don’t let your opinions cloud scientific realities.
There it is, drive traffic to a landing page using effective advertising, create a compelling offer and reason to take action and then give your prospect an opportunity to do so. Social media marketing is a perspiration business, the more you put in, the better your results will be and the more you’ll hone your skills. Start with online tutorials; our Partner, Hubspot has one of the most extensive libraries available. Check out
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